Never wrestle with your data again.

Measurement Marketing

Unscramble your marketing analytics. Get a clear picture of what’s working—and what’s not. So you know exactly where to optimize, and have a roadmap for growth.

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You’re judged on results. But results rely on accurate data.

All those complex analytics systems are meant to help. But when your tools don’t talk to each other and numbers don’t match — frankly, it’s a shit show. Forcing you to make important decisions with less-than-perfect data. (Which sucks. we know)

It should be easy to answer:

  • How are our ads performing?

  • What’s the ROI of our campaign?

  • Where are our users dropping off?

  • Which channels are working?

Need clarity on
your data?

Measurement makes it easy to pinpoint exactly where you’re falling short—so you can optimize your site and be more strategic in your growth.

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  • Everything you need to know

    In 90 days, we’ll design, build and set up your measurement strategy. Track and report the right metrics for your business. So you can speak confidently about your cost-per-lead, churn and retention. And become the kind of know-it-all that people love.

  • One report to rule them all

    No more ugly tables and mismatched stats. Spot opportunities to grow your revenue, with a flawless interactive dashboard — that you don’t need to be an genius to understand. (Not that you’re not a genius)

    All your data. One place. Zero confusion.

    How does that sound?

We’re more intelligent and educated about how we should test.

Working with Raze has given us a clear strategy that we didn't have before. I can also go to them with questions and challenges.

Thanks to their support I don't feel like I'm the only person making decisions.

Minas Iatrou

OPUK Group

  • Connect the dots

    Unify your analytics in a way that’s easy to understand. So you can access clean, meaningful data without having to trawl through a bunch of different tools.

  • Get answers

    See how you’re really performing and get a deeper understanding of your customer with rock-solid Data Studio reports that shows you exactly where to optimize.

  • Take action

    Increase conversions, make accurate predictions and report to the boss. Have a clear action plan to grow your business and hit your KPIs, from acquisition through to retention.

Our process

DARE to optimize your marketing?

Here’s what to expect:

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  • Design

    Month One

    Like an architect needs a blueprint, we need a map of your data before we can optimize. We review your tools and analytics, get to know your customer journeys, and design a measurement roadmap for your business. All to help you get the most out of your data.

  • Assemble

    Month Two

    It’s time to build your measurement system and start capturing relevant data. We set up tags, write code, and create the variables you need. This is where we put all hands on tech to assemble your design. You’ll finally start to see meaningful data in your reporting tools.

  • Reveal

    Month Three

    This is it... the big reveal. We create interactive dashboards and visual reports you can act on immediately. With accurate data that exposes issues and highlights opportunities, you’ll know exactly what steps to take next. And which benchmarks to set.

When your data tells you half the story, we help you figure out the rest.

  • Stuff you always get.

    Just because.

    • Full project transparency

      Because you deserve to know we’re doing.

    • 12x weekly strategy calls (optional)

      Because sometimes you need to talk things through.

    • Personalized tracking scripts

      Because data is only useful when it answers your questions.

    • Interactive dashboards

      Because results should be easy to navigate.

    • First and zero-party data only

      Because your data needs to be legit.

    • Error reports

      Because shit crashes and you should know why.

Get the clarity you need to grow

Whether you’re ready to get started or want to learn more, we’d love to hear from you.