Elevate your whole 
damn business. Not just your conversion rate.

At Raze we help you understand how you’re really performing. Get the answers you need to optimize, scale and grow your business.

Measure. Optimize. 
Do better marketing.

We help companies who give a shit about their customers, make sense of all their data, improve their user experience and make more money while they’re at it.

  • Finally figure out what your data is telling you

    To do better marketing, you need to know what’s going on across all channels — not just your website.

    We analyze your customer journey, from ads through sale and retention. Giving you the clarity you need to make the right moves.

  • Understand your customers—take them from meh to hell yeah

    Get so much more than clicks and conversions

Raze helped us make great decisions to scale our business.

Before working with Raze, we had a hole in our analytics and tracking. Siobhan helped us understand how to track results through all of our marketing efforts.

They're a great company! Knowledgeable, analytical and experienced.

Measure → Optimize

Always in that order.
And no, you can’t skip steps.

  • Measurement Marketing

    Get Legit

    Messy analytics? Want to know what’s really affecting revenue? Clean up your data sources in 90 days.

    Uncover growth oportunities, and make data-informed business decisions.

    • Tag development

    • Strategy calls and support

    • Actionable Data Studio dashboards

    • Implementation and reporting

    Remember – you can’t skip steps!
  • Optimization

    Get Lift

    Clean data? Check. Conversions? Check. Now you’re looking for ways to grow long-term.

    Level up your results, with a customer-focused testing strategy designed to boost acquisition, growth and retention.

    • Cross-channel analysis

    • Usability testing and analytics

    • Site personalization

    • Strategy calls and support

Here’s how this works

Just 4 steps to clarity and growth. 
Optimize your customer experience, if you DARE.

  • Design

    Month One

    We design a measurement strategy to help you get the most out of your analytics.

  • Assemble

    Month Two

    We assemble your design, building a technical system to collect the data you need.

  • Reveal

    Month Three

    We assemble your design, building a technical system to collect the data you need.

  • Enhance

    Month Four Plus

    We enhance your marketing with strategic optimization that brings continual growth.

The platforms we work with include Mailchimp, Convert, Shopify, Google, Facebook and many more...

But do you work with...?

Let’s stop you right there. Yes. Yes we do. Social, search, eCommerce, CMS.

Whichever platforms or data you need to track, we’ve got the tools to do it. We can also help determine the right attribution model for you.

I don’t want my competitors to know how well I’m doing since working with you. You’re my secret weapon!

A secretive-but-satisfied client

Don’t tell him we told you

  • They have achieved great results on our ecommerce site. 5 stars all the way!

    Sammy R

    The Pearl Source

  • Siobhan is a CRO rockstar. She really knows her stuff.

    Jonathan Ruggiero

    Manly Bands

  • Raze helps us make more money.

    Minas Iatrou

    OPUK Group

  • I didn’t even know what I needed but Raze helped me through it. Very professional and do brilliant work.

    Dr Buck

    Dr Buck

Our bullshit-free guarantee

We measure and optimize things. It’s all we do. And we do it really well. Helping you make sense of your data, report on it, and make smarter business decisions. Only using best practices when they‘re tailored to you.

No vanity metrics. No 3rd party data. And definitely no ‘hacks’.

We’re invested in helping your business grow through meaningful experiences. Ethically, sustainably and with respect for your customers.

Raise more than your conversion rates

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